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If its fuck me, then its fuck you yeah, its middle finger, fuck you money coming in, money going out rappers going in, rappers going out funny how they try to take my style funny how they try to break me down yall niggas better watch yall mouth yall starting to sound like clowns all these rappers wanna talk that clout i dont know what. So come and fuck my life up, baby fuck my life up come and fuck my life up, baby fuck my life up come and fuck my life up, baby fuck my life up come and fuck my life up, baby fuck my life up last man left, you broken hearted let me treat you right shorty if you need me i can pull up any night you just say the words, girl i dont need a reason. What the fuck iz goin on 2x he keep on eyein me 4x what the fuck iz goin on 2x he keep on tryin me 4x lil scrappy fuck the bullshit beat dat ass to the floe he twistin now he shakin like a god damn hoe dont run they goin to bak me, now hes tryin to attack me juzt blow your brain cells from ur head i be clappin now i buck all day, i. Fuck a princess, im a king bow down and kiss on my ring being a bitch is my kink what the fuck else did you think? Fuck a princess, im a king bow down and kiss on my ring its gonna hurt, itll sting spitting up blood in the sink im crazy, but you like that, i bite back daisies on your nightstand, never forget i blossom in the moonlight. Fuck home, fuck sleep, come clean, zonin cant forget that im golden, cant forget where im going fuck popo, police, enemies, fake homies cant forget that im a og, better act like you know it i remember i was poor and when i was young and living homeless now i rock the ricky owens eyes lookin like he rollin got new bags under my eyelids. Fuck the police fuck tha police, comin straight from the underground. Young nigga got it bad cuz im brown, and not the other color so police think, they have the authority to kill a minority. Fuck that shit, cuz i aint tha one, for a punk mutha fucka with a badge and a gun, to be beatin on, and throwin in jail. I always fuck it up like i cant resist am i gonna lose in love every time like this? Take to me to a place, to a time where everything is good and safe ill be sure to leave a trail of mistakes behind no mystery cause i do that every time lie to me and say its possible for me to change my ways is there something chemically in brain. Перевод текста песни eminem - fuck off исполнитель kid rock е eminema шимми шимми go go мота fuckin поп его к- к- kid rock с к- к- кид рок дерьма. Hell nah i aint sleep today but imma be okay miss my family on the east, but fuck it i cant leave l.

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