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The eggplant is the king of all flirt-mojis for a very simple reason it looks like a dick. If you want to see someones dick, you can send them this emoji and theyll understand what you want. Given that men dont need much prompting to send their junk to strangers, only send this emoji if youre prepared for the dick pics to follow. Fuck-eye if you give someone the fuck-eye, youre employing what used to be called, in more romantic times, a come-hither stare. If your fuck-eye looks like your fuckface , you probably. If it seems like this person isnt blinking as often, toombs says, it could be another sign theyre interested in you. Same as with the pupils dilating, when we want to see more of someone, we. Below, i will show you a number of reasons why a guy will look back at you and the body language signals to look for. If a guy looks back at you and there is no reason for him to feel threatened by you or be annoyed with you then it would be likely that he did it due to being attracted to you. Well, you look like yourself but youre somebody else only it aint on the surface well, you talk like yourself no, i hear someone else though now youre making me nervous well, you look like yourself. You see, in psychology the most important thing you have to do is consider each case individually. But, much like the impulse to want to take the hot bitchy girls down a peg, not only are you not going to change her mind, youre making yourself look like an idiot by getting heated up over somebody who doesnt care about your opinion. At best, all youre doing is reaffirming that shes so hot that people go apeshit over whether they. Here we are to tell you about the real fun which this face idea can bring. We all know a theory that there are 7 people in the world that look like you. Once youve figured out what makes you excited, you can picture yourself with that special someone. Let the scene run through your mind like a movie, except you are directing the action. Try imagining a scenario in which you and this person are separated from everyone else. Do you ever wonder what life would be like if youd gotten enough oxygen at birth? Can you die of constipation? I ask because im worried about how full of shit you are.

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